CanIL Ride - Tips & Templates

The following fundraising tips and social sharing templates are for general use and adaptation by all participants in the CanIL Ride. We encourage you to share messages often through a variety of social media. Social sharing on its own, however, is not an effective means of fundraising. It takes connection. Raising awareness is a great start. Nurture interest. Foster support. Build relationships. To that end, remember that your adaptation and personalization of these templates is essential. Wishing you great success!

  • Donate to yourself first! Set the stage, and others will follow. By making the first donation, you’re telling your donors that this cause is important to you, and more often than not, they’ll follow suit.
  • Start right away! By taking action immediately, you allow time for follow-up. Did you know that most people will donate if they receive a friendly reminder after your initial invitation?
  • Set an ambitious fundraising goal! The default $1,000 target for the CanIL Ride is an ambitious yet realistic goal for all. For some, a higher goal is entirely achievable. Show your supporters you’re serious about fundraising. It will inspire them, and they’ll want to help you achieve your goal. Once you reach your target, set a new one or just keep exceeding it. Nothing succeeds like success!
  • Build a partners list! Take a few minutes to develop a list of people to invite, and be sure to include family, extended family, friends, teammates, co-workers, your boss, book club members, neighbours, people you have supported in the past … the list goes on. Remember however, social media friends and followers will typically partner with you only if your relationship is more than virtual. Social media is a great tool but neither a silver bullet nor a substitute for true friendship, relationship or community.
  • Use proven templates! Why not start right now with one of the email or Facebook templates we’ve provided? Adapt them, and don’t forget to come back and use them some more!
  • Be fearless! The cause behind the CanIL Ride is significant to you; you are sharing your story and creating awareness. No one will be upset by being invited to partner with you. Remember, you are not asking for yourself; you are inviting others to participate in a ministry of unique and everlasting value.
  • Make it personal! Be sure to tell your story, and share why funding language development, literacy, Bible translation and support services is important to you. Update your personal page with your own story, and be sure to add some photos as well. People need a strong connection to you as well as to the CanIL cause.
  • Ask again! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If someone does not respond on the first invitation, remember most people are busy and intend to donate at a later date. Many forget, so a friendly reminder will go a long way.
  • Say thank you! Make it a priority to personally thank people who donate to your Ride. If you can, thank them right way. After the Ride, be sure to share a photo from the CanIL Ride/ Valley Fondo day and share your success.
  • Happy fundraising, and thanks again for being part of the Team!

Dear [Friends, Family, Supporters]:

Our “CanIL Ride” is here again. We’re entering as Team CanIL into the Valley GranFondo, a local world-class cycling event with three distances: 50km, 100km and 160km. I’ll be riding the ___km distance. We’re excited to support our local community but also thankful that a few business sponsors have stepped up to cover all our costs.

I’m viewing my part in the fundraising as a step in my own learning about Partnership Development. Knowing I’ll eventually need to raise full support on a monthly basis, my target is to raise $1,000 or more between now and the Ride date, July 22, 2018.

While I intend to connect with you more personally as well, may I begin by asking here if you will consider supporting my ride with a gift of $100 or more? My personal fundraising page is here [insert hyperlink]. Please go there and donate. You will receive an instant tax receipt. Thank you so much!

Dear [Friends, Family, Supporters]:

I’m doing something new this year and I’m writing to ask for your support. I have joined the folks at Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) and will be riding this summer in the Valley Fondo in support of the CanIL Ride.

Most of the students who graduate from CanIL go and serve in minority-language communities all over the world, doing language development, literacy work and Bible translation. That’s something you do for the love of people not the love of money! In fact, graduates won’t be given a field assignment if they have debt, so CanIL attempts to send off their graduates debt-free. Would you help me get behind that cause? It’s a rare thing for a school to do, and I’m committed to supporting it. Will you help me?

If so, please contact me by phone or email, or simply go to my fundraising page here [insert hyperlink] and make a generous donation. The minimal goal for each rider is $1,000 but I’ve set my goal at $_____. Thanks in advance for helping me get there!

P.S. A tax receipt is sent immediately by CanadaHelps for every donation, the minimum amount being $3.00

Dear [Friend, Family, Supporter]:

Hi again. I’m following up on my earlier message about the CanIL Ride. As I mentioned then, the challenge before us is to develop the world’s remaining 1600+ unwritten languages, so that 160 million people who have never heard God’s Word may have it in their heart language. I’m so excited to finish my studies and move into that calling. As you may know, Bible Translation Organizations do not award field assignments to members who are carrying financial debt. That’s why CanIL works so hard to provide financial aid and graduate us debt-free. The funds I raise through the Ride will go 100% toward the scholarships, bursaries and awards that clear student debt and put us on the field. Currently, I have raised $____ toward my $1,000 target. Will you help me do my part and reach that target? My fundraising page is here [insert hyperlink]. Please donate through my page. You will receive an instant tax receipt.

Thank you so much!

Dear __________,

Thank you so much! I know you’ve already received an automated thank you email but I wanted also to thank you personally. Your gift of $___ toward my CanIL Ride was a great encouragement to me. Thank you for believing in Bible translation and my part in meeting the global challenge. [Personalize this message with details about your possible destination, the role you expect to play, and your launch time-frame if that’s in view.] Your partnership is important and special to me. I hope we can stay in touch and make it a long-term partnership in this vital ministry.

Hello Facebook Friends! Just letting you all know about this year’s CanIL Ride. I’m entering as a member of Team CanIL into the Valley Fondo. You can learn more about the Ride at Click the image below to see my personal fundraising page. I truly appreciate your support, big or small.

CanIL Ride update! We now have (#) riders registered for Team CanIL and we’re ($) towards our $250,000 team goal. Personally, I’m ($) toward my personal goal of $1,000. I’d value very much your support whether it’s $10 or $500. [Please insert or adjust the amounts to suit your personal situation.]

Hey friends, CanIL Ride day is only ___ days away. … [Write a message according to your circumstances, asking for help or saying thank you to your supporters who helped you achieve your goal. If you’re still short of your goal, don’t forget that personal contact is vital. Call someone directly and ask for a contribution. Remember too, you’re not asking for direct personal support. You’re asking on behalf of CanIL, in support of fellow students and the worldwide cause of Bible translation.]

CanIL Ride 2018. Thank you for supporting my ride. [If needed, create a short link at] #CanILride

We’re making a difference for minority-language communities worldwide. [Include a shortlink to your personal fundraising page.] #CanILride

UNESCO agrees – literacy matters! Help me bring Bible literacy to an unwritten language community in [insert the name of a country or region where you hope to go.] #CanILride