CanIL Ride Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for the Ride and creating your fundraising page is easy. Follow the online prompts carefully. Here are some things to know before you start:

  • The Ride is part of the Valley GranFondo, scheduled for Sunday, July 22, 2018 and begins at 7:00 am sharp.
  • Your free CanadaHelps donor account serves as an anchor point to fundraise for CanIL. If you have an account already, you’ll log into it. If you don’t, you’ll create one. Be ready with a password.
  • Be sure to include your name in the Page Title field; it’s what donors see when they search All Participants.
    You’ll also be asked to add a photo and write a short fundraising story on your participant page.
  • You’ll find this easier if you come prepared with at least one photo and a story idea. Keep your story brief.

Yes! When you register for the CanIL Ride and set up your fundraising page, the custom questions include everything we need to know in order to register riders for the Valley Fondo. If you’re registering as a fundraising volunteer and will not be riding, you may ignore the questions marked “Riders Only”. We’ll complete your Fondo registration and you’ll be notified by email.

The Ride offers two fundraising categories – Riders and Volunteers – in recognition of the fact that some fundraisers simply cannot ride, for a variety of reasons. Since fundraising requires an individual fundraising page, both riders and volunteers need to register and create a page.

Note 1: Volunteers who do not wish to fundraise do not need to register for the CanIL Ride. CanIL’s Alison Nicolle is serving as the Valley Fondo Volunteer Coordinator. All volunteers need to register with Alison (email:

Note 2: CanIL will be staffing the PrestoFondo Aid Station again this year. Alison Nicolle will register and coordinate volunteers for that assignment as well.

Last year, we had 40 riders in all three distance categories. This year, we’re after 80 riders. We’d love to be the Valley Fondo’s largest team

Anyone, provided they are willing and able to raise $1,000 in support of CanIL scholarships, bursaries and awards.

No, every rider will choose their own distance: PrestoFondo (50 km), MedioFondo (100 km), and GranFondo (160 km)

Pre-rides are essentially training rides to help you prepare for the CanIL Ride event day. We break into distance groups (50, 100 and 160km) and train together. Each small group has two assigned leaders who organize the dates and destinations of each pre-ride, and communicate with the group. We have set Wednesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 2pm as standard pre-ride times but group leaders are free to vary the schedule as necessary. Typically, pre-rides will be on part or all of your Fondo route. Scroll down on this page to see a map of all three routes.

How competitive do I need to be to go on a pre-ride? The CanIL Ride is not a competitive event; it’s a ride not a race. You should of course choose your distance group according to your riding experience. IMPORTANT: if you are not a registered Team CanIL rider and still want to participate in pre-rides, you must sign a release of liability waiver. Please see Alistair or Lisa before joining a group.
What kind of bike do I need? Almost anyone can handle the PrestoFondo on any bike with some pre-ride training. 50km can be completed in under 3 hours. The MedioFondo is a 4-5 hour ride so requires more training time and preferably a decent road bike. Choose the GranFondo only if you’re a seasoned rider, have done a 6-hour ride already this year and can handle some long, steep climbs. We’ve found typically that GranFondo riders have their own bike. CanIL has loaner bikes of all descriptions. Alistair Jackson handles summer-only signout of the 10 new Team CanIL bikes; Dave Jeffery handles year-round signout for all other bikes, and is available on Mondays only at CanIL.
Do I need to be involved in Pre-Launch to participate in Pre-Rides? No, anyone is welcome to participate in pre-rides provided they have signed a Team CanIL waiver.

CanIL chose in 2017 to begin leveraging the benefits of the world-class Valley GranFondo primarily for its ready-made structure and safety but also because we believe in supporting our community. While we recognize the Sunday can be problematic for some who may otherwise wish to participate, it is the Fondo organizers who set the date for the event.

We believe $1,000 is a very achievable goal for you to raise but unlike many other charity rides, you will not be refused entry into the ride or required to pay for any shortfall. We simply ask that you make your best effort taking into consideration that we have already invested in your success—up to $300 per rider. It is our hope that you will exceed $1,000 so have fun and start calling all your friends!

Your generous financial support given to the Scholarship & Bursary fund through the CanIL Ride will be used to directly assist qualifying students with their tuition and other expenses while in a CanIL study program. 100% of each contribution will be used for the benefit of CanIL students and graduates because all event-related costs have been covered by corporate sponsors and friends. We do not withhold any assessment on these funds. In addition to corporate sponsorships, generous supporters of CanIL have agreed to match donations received online or offline for the CanIL Ride. Matching funds will not appear on participant pages, only on the campaign progress bar shown on the event landing page. In the case of matching funds or special projects, it is understood that when the funding requirement for any project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason, any remaining restricted contributions will be used where needed most, as determined by CanIL.

Yes! In the Tools section of this website, we have provided sample email templates, sample social media messages and general tips about fundraising. Your fundraising page includes social sharing icons, and we want you to use those effectively. We’ll also help you understand some differences between online and in-person fundraising. As you’ll see, it’s always about relationships.

That’s a very important question! Our P2P is two-tiered: the Event level and the Participant level. (We have not designed this event to include teams.) Simply put, before you click a social sharing icon, check the title at the top of the page to make sure it’s your page and not the overall CanIL Ride event page. Donors will donate to the page you give them. It’s up to you to share the right one.

No. If someone cannot process the donation online, it is best to mail a cheque to CanIL. Your name should be clearly marked on or with the cheque. CanIL will receive the donation and issue a tax receipt. The donation will be credited to your fundraising page as an offline donation, and will reflect in your page’s progress bar.